What We Do



Dancers are some of our favorites to photograph. We would love to capture the grace and beauty of your performance on site with group and individual shots or set aside a special day for artistic dance photography. Bring us onto your team and we will focus on making the memory of your performance last a lifetime.

We work closely with the studio to get all the information needed ahead of time so everything is ready for the big day. The dancers just need to show up in costume and the photographer will take care of the rest!

Individuals and groups available via our Pre-Pay program

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School Photos

Our children are our most precious resource, but they grow up so fast. Let us capture their sweet smiles and eager faces so you can cherish them a little longer.

We work closely with the school to set up the best program for the students and parents. We offer either prepay (the payment envelope is sent home with the students before picture day) or proof (photos are taken then parents select which proofs they want to purchase) depending on your needs and type of school. Depending on your plan, class composites, custom backgrounds or sibling photos may be available.

School photos available via our Pre-Pay program or Proof program

Sports Team Photos

From single players to teams of hundreds, we have photographed them all! Your athletes and parents will love the quality and professional photos.

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Portraits & Family Photos

The moments that make up our lives slip by us too quickly, and the people (and children) in them change so fast. The portraits we take and photos we save let us relive the memories gone by. Capture those once-in-a-lifetime or everyday moments in a way you can relive them over and over.

Portrait & family photos are arranged with the individual photographers.